Hackthorn & Cold Hanworth

Hackthorn is situated 7½ miles north of Lincoln just east of the A15.

During Roman times there was a settlement at Hackthorn, forming part of the Lindum Colonia, where soldiers were encouraged to settle on retirements. It is likely that that medieval village later took the place of the Roman settlement, being sited both where the present village stands as well as north of it, as excavations have revealed an almost continuous series of building foundations.

Hackthorn is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and the name Hackthorn may be from the old English words ‘haca’ (a hook or bend), or from ‘hagathorn’ (hawthorn).

A central part of the village is Hackthorn Estate.

Cold Hanworth

Cold Hanworth is a small hamlet in between Hackthorn and Faldingworth villages and has no facilites other than a post box. Cold Hanworth Forge is a working forge and blacksmithing school.

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St. Michael and All Angels Church

The only remnants of the earliest church on this site (mentioned in the Doomsday Book), are the two arches that are incorporated into the North and West doorways of the present building, and some thick stone slabs of Saxon origin that were found when the present foundations were being laid.

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St. Michael and All Angels Church - Hackthorn

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