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Dear Friends,

We have all been through a very traumatic time what with lockdown and not being able to follow our hobbies and normal routines. We feel for people who have had loved ones die and were not able to say goodbye or attend their funeral. We avidly watch the TV hoping that there will be no more deaths from this dreadful virus. I heard someone say that it has been like having a pack of ravenous wolves biting at our heels. This reminded me of something I heard about Yellowstone Park.

In 1995, they introduced 14 wolves into the park. No one could have imagined the change that these wolves would make. The wolves were the deer’s main predator. The deer moved to places where they were not such easy targets. With the absence of the deer, regeneration of the forests took place. There were more berries and bugs which attracted more birds and animals. Beaver, previously extinct in the park, moved in. Their dams provided habitats for otters, muskrats and reptiles. The wolves also preyed on the coyotes which meant more rabbits and mice. This brought the return of bald eagles, hawks, red foxes, badgers and weasels. Soil erosion decreased due to increased vegetation and the river banks stabilised.

The wolves wrought a miracle on Yellowstone Park. From this seemingly disastrous incident, a miracle of cure came about. Yellowstone was returned to its natural habitat and numerous, rare and sometimes extinct species returned.

This should tell us that there is hope for us and for our future, that good will come out of the bad. I like to think that this situation in which we find ourselves will wreak its own miracle, and, we will emerge as better, kinder and more tolerant of our differences in race creed and colour. There is a lot of media attention at the moment on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ issue. I would suggest that ‘All Lives Matter’. We need to remember that God made us all and that He loves us all unconditionally, whatever our background or our lifestyle. We are all human and as such we are one family. The family of God! Let us, therefore, act like children of God, with love and understanding.

May God bless you.