Food Bank Donations

As winter is upon us and the coronavirus situation doesn’t appear to be easing; the food bank is in desperate need of donations. They are accepting food and toiletries now.

In our group of parishes there are various drop off points which are as follows:

Glentham – the village shop or Peter and Jenny Atkinson, ‘Tilsit’, Bishop Norton Road, Glentham. Tel. no 01673 878806 (can be left in the garage)

Owmby/Normanby – the village shop or Liz and Keith Harris, ‘Berries’, Chapel Lane, Owmby. Tel no 01673 878829 (either on front doorstep (if car there) or the side of the house on top of the coal bunker or bin)

Hackthorn – church porch or Cathy Andrews, Stone Cottage, Main Street Hackthorn. Tel no 01673 861058

Spridlington – Claire and Simon Marris,  Ashtree Cottage, Faldingworth Road, Spridlington. Tel no 01673 861127 (there is a box outside their front door)

Saxby/Firsby – Rosemary Cox, Manor Farm, East Firsby. Tel no 01673 878258.

When the donations have been collected they are handed to John Beverley whose daughter works at the food bank.

Thank you, your donations are really needed.

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