St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church in Normanby is no longer in use for worship, but used occasionally for concerts, exhibitions and local events. The church is open daily for viewing inside.

St. Peter's Church - Normanby

St. Peter’s is close to Ermine Street, a vital artery in Roman Britain, and it has early 12th to 15th century stonework of good quality. There are fine limestone arcades with beautifully carved capitals and a sturdy and handsome tower. Foundations of a former apse (semi-circular east end of a chancel or chapel) are visible, and further research may show that the church is of earlier date than the 12th century. 18th century additions include interesting Benefaction Boards.

St. Peter's Church - Normanby December 2005 St. Peter's Church - Normanby

Ex-Methodist Chapel

Normanby also has a redundant Methodist Chapel, now in use as a private home.

Ex-Methodist Chapel - Normanby

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